Thursday, December 15, 2016

Phew! What a long travel! I loved my time seeing all the children in Mrs Headland’s class in Washington State, USA, but I must say I was a bit nervous when she told me that I was going to have to climb into that small parcel! Once Mr Headland explained to me all the fun I was going to  have in Mr Hartwright’s class in England I couldn’t wait and hopped my way happily into the parcel. 

It was very dark. I could hear different postmen talking and it was so much fun getting onto the aeroplane! 

After what seemed like ages, I could hear some little voices laughing and giggling. They sounded so excited! I started jumping up and down in the parcel, I couldn’t wait to get out and see all the children at Burton Manor Primary School, Stafford, England.

Wow, what a crazy day! These children work so hard! Every morning they come in and practice learning the time tables. I have to sit on the side during this time, so they can concentrate. The children then all answer the register, I do to. Sometimes they ask for school dinners and other days  they have sandwiches brought in from home.  

I loved having school dinners, they were yummy! Different children took me to dinner and I even had a nibble of someones chocolate bar. Sometimes I even played on their playground. I loved playing hide and seek chase, hopscotch and Zombie tag. Zombie tag was a lot of fun because I had to be a zombie and try and catch the other children.

At Burton Manor Primary School every morning the children learn Maths and English. This was different for me as I kept calling it Math, like they did in Mrs Headland’s class.  They children were very good at counting and I couldn’t believe how quickly they could tell me their number bonds to 10! 

For English they wrote about lots of different things. I loved reading the book Katie Morag delivers the mail and The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. My handwriting was not as neat as theirs though, I  think I need to practice a bit more.

As well as learning all about Maths and English the children do lots of learning to do in the afternoon. They were learning all about foods in different countries I didn’t realise how far some of  our food travels before it gets in our lunch box! I loved celebrating  Bonfire night, I learnt all about how a man call Guy Fawkes nearly blew up a very important building and their government. The children made some excellent firework pictures! We also learnt about the Hindu festival, Diwali and make some Diva lamps.

I am so tired from working so hard, but so excited about everything I have learnt and done with amazing children in England. I wish I could stay here for longer, but at the same time I am so excited to meet some new children in a new country, so this time I can’t wait to hop into the parcel. I wonder where I will go next?

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